Mastercard’s “PayPass” is now available in the Philippines

Now that we see advertisements in the newspaper regarding the new MASTERCARD PayPass, let us see what this is all about and if it will be safe and secure for the innocent Filipino cardholder.

This is the Mastercard PayPass description based on the official Mastercard website.

And we will find one of the local Mastercard PayPass products as offered by Banco de Oro as their BDO Mastercard PayPass ATM .

Let us not get too excited as this new product could have different “terms & conditions” when given to us poor Filipinos.

Please note that the original Mastercard PayPass has

Safe and secure—just like your traditional card

Your card never leaves your hand. And you get the same level of security that you’ve been accustomed to: $0 liability on unauthorized purchases and a receipt for every purchase. The chip within your MasterCard PayPass card has the same information as that on the magnetic strip of your card. Current MasterCard and Issuer privacy and confidentiality rules apply as per your current cardholder agreement.

The above-mentioned statement in the Mastercard PayPass website cannot be found in our local Philippine version. Please note the “$0 liability on unauthorized purchases”.

In effect, it would seem that this PayPass is even more dangerous if a thief would get their hands on it. Imagine, no need for signature or PIN number to transact? Are we making products for the benefit of thieves?

There are no studies or data yet regarding the number of users of this local Mastercard PayPass here in the Philippines.

Just be careful of your belongings all the time and don’t have too much cash stored in “unsafe” type of cards.

But in the end, the last line of defense and security is the store or shop merchants themselves. Hopefully, they are not too eager to make a sale and forget about verifying who they are dealing with.


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