Does the COMELEC still have any credibility?

With so many anomalous and very questionable events ongoing in the provinces like Maguindanao, the COMELEC seems to be “covering-up” for the people in power.

Why can’t they give the 6th copy of the ER to NAMFREL? What are they hiding from NAMFREL or the other Poll watchers?

This act alone just clearly proves that there is NO TRANSPARENCY in most areas in Mindanao. Why do “they” focus their “cheating machinery” in Mindanao?

NAMFREL did the right thing in declaring that they will not “count” the ER’s from Maguindanao. First of all, due to the anomalous delay, the ER’s are most likely tampered-with already. Even if the ER’s do “miraculously show-up”, how do we know if it is authentic?

In everyone’s eyes, these INTENTIONALLY-HIDDEN ER’S should not be counted even by COMELEC and if these ER’s do show-up (after the tampering), the COMELEC has a lot of “explaining” to do regarding the delay.

Only the dumbest of the dumb… would believe that these ER’s are still authentic.


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