The Unbelievable “Heirs of Homer Barque”

Here is another article by Mr. Amado Macasaet which shows that there is some “foul-play” to the anomalous, unbelievable and questionable claims of the “Heirs of Homer Barque” that they realized all-of-a-sudden, after nine long years, that they own the property which the Manotok Family has been living on for decades. Out of the blue, the “Heirs of Homer Barque” (not Homer Barque himself because he never claimed any land), are claiming something that is not theirs but they do not have any “real or genuine” documents to actually prove their claim. It is just a matter of time that someone would file a “falsification of public documents” against these scammers belonging to the “Heirs of Homer Barque” group.

The following article has been taken from here

Where are Barque documents?

In the oral arguments held July 23 on the Manotok land dispute, former Supreme Court Associate Justice Florentino P. Feliciano asked the lawyers of the claimants — the heirs of Homer Barque — where the documents justifying the claim are kept.

The lawyer said he did not know because he was not the original lawyer of the heirs of Barque.

If he does not know, who else would know?

All I know of the case is that the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court which ruled against the Manotoks with finality conveniently ignored the requirement that judicial reconstitution of land titles belongs exclusively to the regional trial court.

The Highest Tribunal, in the pen of Associate Justice Consuelo Santiago, found the Torrens title of the Manotoks sham and spurious.

That, to the nit-wit does not necessarily prove that the title of the Barques’ — lost in a fire in Quezon City in 1988 — is genuine. Important to this case is the fact that the heirs of Barque saw fit to file a claim nine years after their alleged original title was lost in a fire.

On the other hand, there is evidence — like payment of real estate taxes — that the Manotoks have been in possession of the 34-hectare property in Quezon City since 1923.


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