The Talented Mr. Montano – Brian Gorrell’s Blog

The super-talk-of-the-town right now is the blog of Australian Brian Gorrell regarding how he was swindled or scammed and drained of his life-savings by Delfin “DJ” Montano.

Mr. Gorrell’s blog has caught so much attention that even the media are taking a look. He has been threatened by the “guilty-parties” to stop his blog but I believe that Mr. Brian Gorrell has every right to write about the scams going-on in the Philippines.

His blog is an eye-opener.  It discusses the dirt of high-society. It shows that these high-society people evade the law and hide behind their lawyers and their politicians.

The latest entry on his blog touches the topic of “JT” or “Joel” whose death was officially-announced to be of “natural causes” or an accident. Smart people of course suspected what the real cause was… which Brian Gorrell has honestly delivered.

We salute you, Mr. Brian Gorrell, keep-on blogging!!! The truth shall set you free!!!