I agree with Manny Pacquiao

I agree with Manny Pacquiao when he openly-stated that nothing positively has happened in General Santos during the many decades reign of the Antonino family. Nothing positive for General Santos but most likely the family business of politics of the Antonino family was positive. Obviously, the Antonino family is another Political Dynasty that needs to be broken.

One thing I do not agree with is that it will be Manny Pacquiao who will replace Antonino. It would have been better if a lawyer would run…but as we all know, this is a popularity contest.

If ever Manny Pacquiao would win (which is already almost sure), I just hope that he will not create a Pacquiao Political Dynasty in the area.

Good luck to you Mr. Manny Pacquiao, … never forget your roots and do not make politics corrupt your mind, heart and body.

RICHARD GOMEZ: You should pay your taxes before running!

For the first time, I have to agree with Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez regarding Richard Gomez.

If Richard Gomez wants to lead the country as a Senator, he should first lead by example by being a good law-abiding citizen who pays taxes!

If you are a law-abiding citizen who pays your taxes, would you vote for someone who does not pay taxes and in short, cheats the government and cheats the people?

We do not need tax-evaders like Richard Gomez who will only worsen the situation of the Philippines!

Goma! Go home!